EAGLE Program

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Matter is everywhere, even in a root beer float! You can find solids, liquids and gasses in a root beer float!! > Solid: ice cream > Liquid: root beer > Gas: The ice cream and root beer mix and create bubbles called carbonation. Those carbonated bubbles are trapped gas.

10th Seneca Fire Department and Sparky the Fire Dog lead a fire prevention and safety drill

Great things are happening in October! October 10th Seneca Fire Department and Sparky the Fire Dog were here for a fire prevention and fire safety drill. The students were asked to make fire escape plan for their home.YOU ARE INVITED!!

Come to the carnival and see the game booths the students in the EAGLE Program helped to design. This is a great way to spend some time with your family. The Parent Group is also hosting a chicken or pulled pork dinner. An auction will follow the carnival with a basket created by the EAGLE kids.

Learning is fun in EAGLE

Eagle students building a structure out of common materials

More EAGLE students with the structure they created


As part of a STEM unit, students had to design a catapult that would launch a candy the furthest. If their design didn’t work, they went back to the drawing board….future engineers in the making!

Students setting up their EAGLE catapults

BURR!!! It is cold outside… 

Students studied about habitats in the Arctic. Students then had to use design and build homes (igloos) from sugar cubes, cotton balls, toothpicks, and various other items.

EAGLE student's igloo drawings

Students using their designs to build their own version of their igloo