School History

Westview’s first school district was organized in a township meeting held April 19, 1908. The construction site for the new school was one acre of land in the southwest corner of Newton County. A forty cent levy was passed and the Board of Directors borrowed $900.00 to build a school house and hire the first teacher. Miss Rose Kellhofer was hired at $40.00 a month for a term of six months. Construction started in August of 1908 and was finished in September of the same year. This reflects much determination and a strong desire by the community to have a school and to provide an education for their children.

The exact date the school was named is unknown. Information available to us from members of the community report the following story. Mrs. W. H. Crabtree was standing in the west door of the new school building and commented, “Why not call it Westview? The building has west doors and a west view!” So it was named and entered on the county records April 6, 1909.

The following year, Villa Vickers was the teacher with thirty-nine students enrolled. In 1909, the state of Missouri renamed all the common school districts of Newton County. By this provision, Westview became District Five.

During the next few years the community grew with over twenty families moving into the district. Several small schools were consolidated, and Westview became one of eleven consolidated schools in Newton County.

In April, 1952, Westview became an eighth grade elementary school. The original building was used until December of 1941. It burned, and classes had to resume in local churches. Immediately, the community donated their time and energy for a new rock building housing four classrooms. This was completed by December of 1942. Four acres of playground were purchased at that time to make the present five acre campus.

The people of the community have always shown interest and support for the school. In 1951, the community formed a Parent Teacher Association. The PTA set up the first hot lunch program for the school. The PTA has raised and donated money to the Board of Education to buy a piano, fans, a bell system, water fountains, equipment, computers and software, and books for the library.

By 1956, more adequate facilities were again needed to care for the increasing enrollment and functions of a consolidated school. In 1956, a brick building was added and provided a kitchen, another classroom and a multipurpose room. A frame building from Fort Crowder was moved onto the property to house a Library.

Rapid growth in the community continued to overcrowd the classrooms. A newer metal building was built which provided four classrooms, teacher’s lounge, office, restrooms, and a gymnasium. Kindergarten was first offered in 1966.

In 1989 the need for additional classroom space arose again and the community passed a bond to add four classrooms, a computer lab, and office space. The need for more space arose again in 1997. A new library, computer lab, and art room were constructed. In 1998, two new music rooms and a fitness room were added to complete the present-day campus.

At the present time, the Westview district consists of 30 square miles with a population of 320. The district serves 180 pupils in a K-8 setting; an additional 30 children are enrolled in early childhood preschool and Parents as Teachers programs. The district pays tuition for 60 high school students who attend the adjoining districts of Seneca or Neosho.

Westview C-6 is a totally rural district. There are no industries in the district, however there are several small businesses. Residents commute to Neosho, Seneca, or Joplin to work.

We can only hope the growing process will never end, whether it be in population growth or educational growth. Through the years, Westview will continue the valuable task of offering an education of the highest quality for a worthy community.