Hello Westview families, we have been hard at work organizing programs for your family.  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that during this time, you are connected to the school via Facebook, Westview App, or our website to stay up on the newest information.  I will try to send information as well through phone messages but the length is limited via the program.  So please take this time if you do not have our APP to download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.  It is Westview C-6

As you are aware, things are changing rapidly but our plans at this time are the following:  Beginning Monday we will be delivering a weeks’ worth of work to your child that MUST BE completed by the next Monday at 11 am.  The state is asking school districts to provide alternate instruction for your children.  Attendance is then granted for your child by them completing the packet. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD COMPLETES THE WORK.  The staff have created fun short activities that will be included in the packs and picked up the following Monday.

Breakfast and Lunch will be available for ANYONE between the ages 0-18 that will be at your home during school closure.  We will be delivering via bus to addresses on our routes beginning Monday. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FORM BY SUNDAY AT 2.

Please keep in mind this is subject to change at any time due to restrictions by the state or government. 

While we are excited to see the kids on Monday, please remember there can be no physical contact for everyone’s safety.