Mrs. Foulk

Congratulations to Mrs. Foulk who was voted by students and staff as Westview's Teacher of the Year. 

Mrs. Foulk graduated high school from Carl Junction, Missouri. She and her husband, Mike, still reside in Carl Junction with their two sons, JT and Nic. She received her BS in History from MSSU.  She then worked at an auto insurance company for several years before going back to Missouri State University to obtain her teaching degree and certificate. She has been with the Westview School District for 13 years, serving as the Middle School social studies teacher and student council sponsor.

Ironically, one of her least favorite subjects in school was ANYTHING to do with history.  She said she found it boring with a lot of note taking. It wasn't until her senior year of high school when she had Mr. Higgins, her government teacher, who made her fall in love with government and history.  She has always wanted to teach and remembers playing school with her cousins at her grandmother's house. So naturally, this led her to teaching history and social studies. 
Mrs. Foulk loves to travel and visit educational tourist attractions, which makes her children and husband grumble and complain. However, once they visit Gettysburg, the site of JFK's assasination, or any of the Presidential libraries, they always have a great time.  
Mrs. Foulk is always smiling and has a wonderful sense of humor. You can always find her laughing with her coworkers and students. She loves making history interesting and fun for her classes. Also, many people don't realize the plethora of useless, trivia knowledge she has and randomly shares with her students! 

Watch her tribute video here: