Chloe Proctor

Today is the last day of January, and our Character Word of the Month has been OPTIMISM. But there's one student who has been trying to spread positivity all year long. Seventh grader, Chloe Proctor, brought an idea to the school counselor as to how she'd like to outreach to her fellow students and staff. Her mission has been to give people "some inspiration and motivation to continue to go on no matter what they're going through in life" by creating colorful and uplifting, motivational messages to hang on student lockers, classroom doors and around the school building. 

Chloe adds more messages each week and has since enlisted the help of some friends, and she'd especially like to thank, Arianna Doty, who often helps her create and hang them.  

"You never know what's going on in or outside of school for someone, and I wanted to give them some encouragement that things will be okay," says Chloe. 

When asked why this project was important to her she replied, "Being positive is important because it spreads. We are starting with the students, and then the positivity spreads to the teachers, and it helps our school be a happier place."