garden display
Mrs. Frencken asked her MS elective class to create an art display that would include grades 1-8. They had to think of a display that would work in the area between library and art room, that would have age appropriate lessons for each class (so all art classes could participate), be something 'educational',  something that we hadn't done in the past, and something that all ages could relate to/understand.  They had several ideas, researched them, discussed them, and then voted. The garden won!  

They decided that it would show both above and below a garden. Then they made a list of things that you would find in a garden or below it. Both hall displays also tie into the garden display. 

The MS class decided what they would do and divided up activities amongst themselves. They were very self-directed as Mrs. Frencken gave them a timeline and expectations and they met it - with flying colors!